The Witching Hours Fall Residency

Produced in conversation with Marina Aguerre, we're honored to present this three month fall residency in reverence of the work that The Witching Hours does throughout Los Angeles county! Organized by local artist Marina Aguerre (Dream Crease, Peel Dream Magazine), The Witching Hours is an independent booking company that's dedicated to introducing emerging artists from around the globe, and uplifting marginalized voices in the celestial music realms. We're longtime appreciators of Marina's show on KXLU and Dublab, as well as all of the inspiring organizing that she's been a part of within our local arts communities, and simply needed to explore the portals that this collaboration could open. Over these next three months we'll collaboratively host live performances in our city's most accessible parks with Nailah Hunter, Dream Crease with Matthew Mallinger, Qur'an Shaheed, Maylee Todd, Sarah Safaie with Marissa Yardley, and Maral. ~~ Floating is a membership-supported outdoor arts series. If you're interested in seeing more gatherings like these, and beyond, we'd love for you to consider supporting our work with a seasonal membership.