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Soundbath Practitioners

Allison Bagg

I'm a sound healer, breathwork facilitator, intuitive guide and artist based in Los Angeles. I utilize a plethora of modalities to help clients ground into their bodies, establish strong boundaries and open portals to the magic and abundance within. Certified in gong, crystal alchemy singing bowls, planetary chimes and tuning forks, I received training under award winning flautist, composer and gong master Tim Wheater and fairy queen Cherub in London.

Andressa Esteves

Hello! I'm a Los Angeles based sound practitioner, certified yoga instructor, abstract artist, and sacred ceremonies keeper. It is my soul’s purpose to be a conduit for love and light. Through sound my practice, I aim to empower individuals towards their own inner healing by reminding them of their own innate power, wisdom, and beauty.

El Larson

I am a sound practitioner and wellness designer who works with sound and space to help balance internal and external environments. Whether applying modalities to individuals, groups or the built environment, I consider the intent, current and fundamental nature, and factors of balance to offer remedies that mitigate stress and support healing.