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Our Residencies

A most enormous of appreciations for supporting our residency program! Maybe you’re wondering why we’re doing this? Honestly, intentionally amplifying the work of our local artists and organizers not only feels natural but essential for collective flourishing and care. Music is a prism through which to understand our planet. As musicians and artists, we comprise an old growth forest of dialogue, each of us growing alongside one another as companions, expressing through sound our own unique perspectives and experiences. The artists that uplift the cultural ecosystems of Los Angeles are some of our favorite people, and in cultivating this residency program we work towards the illumination of each of our individual voices, our wider friendships, and sharing our inspirations. As we continue, we hope that these seasonal collaborations further connect the dots within our interdependent arts communities and encourage one another to explore our local bioregions. It's been an honor to nourish relationships between artists, parks, and gardens, and introduce local musicians and organizers to some of our most cherished environments. Each season brings a new experiment with new challenges and we’re extremely grateful for this trust. In this process we hope that we can grow closer together as a local community, rooted in a politic based on care, gratitude, and creativity. On this page you'll find a past, present, and future archive of intention, photos, relationships, and maybe even a quick glimpse of yourself at one of our gatherings. Feel free to explore, tell us what you'd like to see more of, and we'll see you underneath a tree, on a ranch, or in a canyon somewhere. 🌳

Artist Residencies