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Preference Records Spring Residency

Preference Records is family, community, and a collective of true lifers within our interdependent arts communities. Founded by longtime friends Mekala Session, Jesse Justice and Ajay Ravi, and recognized widely for their collaborations with Lionmilk, Qur'an Shaheed, and Human Error Club, we invited Preference into this season's residencies to simply just be. Through the course of their three months at the curatorial helm, the Preference crew brought together friendships and inspirations to tell a story of Los Angeles that is entirely their own. We were blessed with a rare solo performance from Maia of the Pan-Afrikan People's Arkestra, an oceanside improvisation with Human Error Club, new ideas from Qur'an Shaheed & Jesse Justice and Sharada Shashidhar, and a sound walk followed by a dynamic two hour immersive performance from Club Diego. ~~ Floating is a membership-supported outdoor arts series. If you're interested in seeing more gatherings like these, and beyond, we'd love for you to consider supporting our work with a seasonal membership.