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Pehrspace's Winter Residency

Pehrspace is people, and an amplification of the artists who nourish Los Angeles. From 2006 to 2016 Pehrspace, as a brick and mortar arts space, grew and flourished along the southern edge of Echo Park. Nearly every night of the week artists from throughout the United States would share their work and collaborate across communities, granting Pehrspace an honorable designation within Los Angeles as a beloved DIY institution. Now in consortium with 2220 Arts, Pehr is helmed by local musician and organizer Pauline Lay in collaboration with a collective of like minded organizations. Through these three months together, Pehrspace presented a collection of musicians who specialized in acoustic instrumentation, allowing for their practice to weave into the fabric of our natural environments. We’re very grateful for Pehrspace’s history, for Pauline’s commitment to sustaining underground arts communities, and for their presence in our first season of residencies! ~~ Floating is a membership-supported outdoor arts series. If you're interested in seeing more gatherings like these, and beyond, we'd love for you to consider supporting our work with a seasonal membership.