We exist for a purpose

Time is our most irreplaceable resource.

Shouldn’t we be more conscious of how we choose to spend it?

floating was borne of a deep dissatisfaction with alcohol-centric music venues and the art-less curation and transactional nature of most wellness experiences.

We welcome people of diverse nationalities, age groups, gender identities, and all walks of life to join us weekly, with beautiful intention, to share in joyful communion while experiencing deep, transcendent sonic tapestries, enveloped in pristine nature.

We gather as sinews of sound wash over us, peacefully connecting us while we sit, vibrating with the abstract, the dissonant, the resonant, the spontaneous, true authentic expression that fills us up and opens the sky.

We are a small team dedicated to building this community to be a powerful force for good in this world. We have big ideas and a global vision, but for now we simply gather :)