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Essence Of Spring: A Weekend With Iasos

I find your inter-dimensional music needing new words to describe it. I feel as though I were entering a new world - a new and very profoundly beautiful world. -R. Buckminster Fuller, in a letter to Iasos Iasos is a visionary, a legendary figure in music, and quite honestly an artist whose self-determination has left a profound impact on the past fifty years of sonic expression. One of the earliest and most prolific progenitors of New Age music, Iasos’ pioneering and influential inter-dimensional soundscapes are meant, in his own words, to “create beautiful chords that echo through the galaxy.” Inspired by the infinitely numbered harmonies transmitted by Vista, a benevolent being from a distant dimension, Iasos broke ground for a new age of electronic sound manipulation which has solidified him as one of the most iconic figures in the development of ambient and electronic music. Born in Greece and raised in the US, Iasos began his career from a bohemian boat-slip home office in the Bay Area—on some of the first commercially available synthesizers and, on stage, into the kaleidoscopic heart of psychedelic-era concert visuals. Today, we recognize Iasos as one of the first electronic composers to create music specifically for healing, meditation, and spiritual growth. His music is characterized by its celestial qualities, featuring soaring melodies, intricate harmonies, and some of the earliest examples of electronically processing acoustic instruments. Throughout these three gatherings, produced in conversation with our friend Carlos Niño, we hope to illuminate some of the rich tapestry that is the life and legacy of Iasos. Both Carlos and Douglas Mcgowan - producer of touchstone albums such as Iasos’ Celestial Soul Portrait, I Am The Center: Private Issue New Age In America, Kankyo Ongaku: Japanese Ambient, Environmental & New Age Music, and Laraaji’s Segue To Infinity - will join us to offer an introduction and greater context for Iasos’ work in the canon of 20th century music. With hope, harmony, and peace, we can’t wait to see you for any (or all) of these inspiring and uplifting evenings. ~~ Floating is a membership-supported outdoor arts series. If you're interested in seeing more gatherings like these, and beyond, we'd love for you to consider supporting our work with a seasonal membership.