Colloboh's Summer Residency

What if we told you that deep in the imagination of one of LA’s local composers there lay a most wondrous utopia, spanning lush coastlines and sweeping deserts? Would you come along as we attempt to summon this world building and imagineering upon our own, as we journey forth to map regions that span from ambient modular wizardry to ecstatic jazz freakouts? Colloboh (a portmanteau of Collins Oboh) is a Nigerian-born, Los Angeles-based producer, composer, and dear friend of ours who is cultivating a most extraordinary self-taught practice in modular synthesis that we simply need to share with you. His most recent release, the Saana Sahel EP is out now with our friends at Leaving Records, and plays as the atlas for a realm that we’ll be tending to for the next three months. We invite you to join us within webs of friendships and reciprocity where electronic synthesis and provoking collaborations emanate from among the music of Blue Whales in the Pacific Ocean, the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright, and a historic Japanese Garden. Welcome to a plane where deep listening serves as a spiritual lode star, a space for us to retreat to for energetic restoration, an expedition inwards as much as out. We hope you enjoy your stay. ~~ Floating is a membership-supported outdoor arts series. If you're interested in seeing more gatherings like these, and beyond, we'd love for you to consider supporting our work with a seasonal membership.