Sound is our soil.

We are an outdoor arts series exploring our environment in & around Los Angeles.

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& come share some quality time outside with us this week ~

"Deep Listening represents a heightened state of awareness and connects to all that there is." -Pauline Oliveros

We listen with our entire bodies. When we gather weekly for freeform improvisations, a soundbath, a sunset hike, or anything else -- we hope to exist in reciprocity with our environment and community, in a space where there is no wrong way to be.

"We need acts of restoration, not only for polluted waters and degraded lands, but also for our relationship to the world." -Dr. Robin Wall Kimmerer

How often do we listen to the dawn chorus of birds at daybreak, the rustling of leaves at dusk, or the shimmering sounds of the ocean at midnight? What is our relationship to the movement of the air on our skin or the quiet aliveness of the natural world that surrounds us?

Land Acknowledgement

As an outdoor arts & well-being collective, we would like to share our respect and acknowledge our presence on the traditional, ancestral, and unceded territories of the Gabrieliño-Tongva, Chumash, Tataviam, and Kizh peoples, the traditional caretakers of Tovaangar and lands we gather upon.